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Undergraduate Thesis Service

Proposal Submission Requirements
Students of the Agribusiness Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Jember have the right to submit a thesis proposal after fulfilling the following academic requirements:
1. Students have taken studies with a minimum weight of 120 credits (according to their respective fields of science);
2. Students have at least fulfilled the PP by 90%;
3. Students have at least a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.00 (scale 4);

Students who have met the requirements mentioned above can fill out the thesis submission form and collect administrative requirements at the Academic Section of the Agribusiness Study Program. The administrative requirements for submitting a thesis proposal are:
1. Title submission form and Thesis Advisory Lecturer
2. One bundle of Proposals (Chapters 1 to 3)
3. Biodata with recent photos
4. The transcript which the Academic Advisor has signed.
5. All files are included in a green plastic clip

In the next stage, the party responsible for processing the submission of research titles and determining the Supervisor for each student who has submitted a research title is KOMBI (Guidance Commission). In addition, KOMBI is assisted in carrying out its duties by academic admins (appointed by the Head of the Study Program) in administrative matters. The stages in this procedure include:
1. Determination of thesis supervisor by KOMBI by considering the following requirements:
a. Permanent Lecturer Status
b. Have a functional position as low as Associate Professor
c. Have competencies that are under the thesis topic submitted by students
2. The Academic Admin of the Study Program prints the Supervisor’s Assignment Letter no later than one week after the determination by KOMBI
3. Students are required to appear before a supervisor who has been assigned no later than one week by bringing a proposal and a supervisory assignment letter.

Proposal Seminar Requirements
After KOMBI has determined the topic and the Thesis Advisory Lecturer for each student programming the thesis in the relevant semester, the student can immediately conduct initial coordination with the Supervisor. From the results of the initial coordination, it is hoped that the final proposal will be ready to be disseminated. The procedures that must be carried out at this stage are:
1. Students coordinate with Advisors to discuss research plans based on topics that have been proposed at SISTER;
2. Students prepare research proposals in accordance with the writing systematics contained in the UNEJ Scientific Writing Guidelines book;
3. Students whose proposals have been approved can apply for approval to conduct a proposal seminar to the Advisory Lecturer and upload the final proposal file that has been approved in writing by the Advisory Lecturer through SISTER;
4. The Advisor gives approval to the proposal uploaded through SISTER;
5. Students must attach the requirements to carry out a proposal seminar that is collected from the academic admin which consists of:
a. Evidence of ACC Seminar Proposal on the cover of the thesis
b. Printing SISTER screenshot evidence showing that the Supervisor has approved;
c. Attendance card for seminar proposal that has been filled in at least ten times attendance
d. Certificate or proof of registration for the University of Jember UPT-Language TOEFL Test.
6. KOMBI assigns two examiners (consisting of Examiners I and Examiners II) for students at the proposal seminar as well as thesis examination;
7. KOMBI compiles a list of students who will conduct a proposal seminar every month to be announced to other students;
8. Students together with their Advisors and Examiners prepare a schedule for the implementation of the seminar proposal by making a matrix of the schedule for the implementation of the seminar;
9. Students print the Minutes of the Proposal Seminar;
10. Students carry out a proposal seminar with the following rules for conducting a proposal seminar:
11. Seminar activities must be attended by the Advisory Lecturer, the two Examining Lecturers and other fellow students at least 15 students;
12. Seminar activities are led by 1 moderator and 1 note taker from students
13. The seminar proposal manuscript is a maximum of 20 pages and must be submitted by the Advisory Lecturer and Examiner 2 days before the implementation
14. The proposal seminar manuscript is reproduced according to the number of participants present and fully funded by the student concerned
15. The proposal seminar manuscript is given at the time of the scheduled seminar activity
16. For other students, especially students who are programming their thesis, who attend as an invitation to the implementation of the proposal seminar, they are required to bring an Attendance Card for the Proposal Seminar and ask for the initials of the Advisory Lecturer who was present at the event;
17. Students record all inputs given by the Advisory Lecturer, and the two Examining Lecturers and other fellow students as material for improving proposals;
18. The Advisory Lecturer puts his signature on the Minutes of Seminar Proposals that students have prepared;

Results Seminar Requirements
The Results Seminar is held by students who have completed research before proceeding to the thesis examination stage. The rules for implementing the seminar are as follows:
1. Seminar activities must be attended by Advisory Lecturers and other fellow students of at least 15 students;
2. Seminar activities are led by one moderator and one note-taker from students
3. Seminar manuscript with a maximum of 30 pages
4. Students are required to submit the seminar script two days before the implementation
5. The result of the seminar manuscript is reproduced according to the number of participants present and fully funded by the student concerned
6. The result of the seminar manuscript is given at the time of the scheduled seminar activity
7. The number of ppt slides for a presentation is a maximum of 10 slides
8. Students participating in the seminar are required to fill out the Seminar Attendance Card provided by the Academic Study Program,

Thesis Exam Requirements
After students carry out the guidance process with their supervisors and conduct results seminars, students who have received exam approval (ACC Exams) can apply for thesis exams. The procedure for submitting a thesis trial by students is regulated as follows:
1. Students upload thesis drafts through SISTER;
2. The Advisory Lecturer approves the submission of the thesis draft through SISTER;
3. Students coordinate the schedule for the implementation of the thesis session with the supervisor and examiner lecturers by making an exam schedule matrix;
4. Students register the schedule for the thesis examination to KOMBI;
5. KOMBI compiles a list of students who will carry out the thesis examination, which will be forwarded to the General Sub-Section of Faculty Equipment;
6. Students print Minutes of Thesis Session;
7. Students carry out the thesis trial according to the schedule set by KOMBI;
8. Students record all inputs and suggestions given by the examiner and supervisor during the thesis trial;
9. Students improve the thesis draft following all inputs and suggestions submitted by the examiner and supervisor in the implementation of the thesis trial for a maximum of 2 months after the thesis exam schedule.



Proposal Format

Assessment Form of Proposal Seminar

Assessment Form of Undergraduate Thesis Exam

Assessment Rubric of Undergraduate Thesis Exam

– Submission Form For Supervisors

– Submission Form For Examiners

– Research Letter Application Form

– Statement Form Not Following Graduation

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