There are 6 studios in the Agribusiness Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Jember, namely:

  1. Computer Studio: The Studio to develop student soft skills in the field of information technology and provide computer services, printing, computing and internet services.
  2. Audio Visual Studio: The Studio to develop student soft skills in the fields of photography and cinematography and provide photo services, graphic design, shooting and editing.
  3. Studio Tiban Suluh: serves to develop student soft skills in the field of verbal communication through the performing arts of comedy-drama accompanied by gamelan. The Tiban Suluh Studio is a medium that was developed to provide agricultural counseling for people in rural areas.
  4. Wahana Adi Nugraha Agribusiness Clinic Studio (KAWAN): serves to develop student soft skills related to entrepreneurship and agricultural business consulting services.
  5. Desa Mitra Studio: is a fostered village that functions as a field laboratory for students and lecturers.
  6. Agricultural Socio-Economic Radio Studio (Radis): is a community radio studio that develops radio as a vehicle for student learning in broadcasting (broadcasting) and journalism in the field of agribusiness.

Structurally, the studio management is under the coordination of the laboratory, the management is entrusted to students under the guidance of the Studio Guidance Lecturer who is directly responsible to the Study Program Coordinator. Studio supervisors are those who have concern and capacity in the field selected based on a proposal by the Study Program Coordinator and agreed upon at the Study Program Meeting.