Student Exchange

Student exchange

A. Program Definition
This student exchange is a student mobility activity carried out by students by attending lectures at other universities both domestically and abroad. The goal is to increase the insight and competence of students obtained from other campuses.

B. Special Requirements
1. Active students in semester 3 or 5
2. Have a GPA > 3.25
3. Letter of Agreement/contract
4. DPA (Advisory Lecturer) Recommendation Letter
5. Curriculum Vitae

C. Place of Program Implementation
This student exchange program is conducted at Putra Malaysia University (UPM), Jenderal Sudirman University (UNSOED), and Sebelas Maret University (UNS).

D. Supporting Documents
For students who will take part in the student exchange selection with UPM, they are expected to have a TOEFL English proficiency certificate of at least 500