Student Creativity Program

The Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs organizes the 2021 Student Creativity Program (PKM) to guide students to become individuals who know and obey the rules, are creative and innovative and have a cooperative objective in building intellectual diversity. In this regard, we provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to submit proposals from 1 to 28 February 2021 at 23:59 WIB with the following conditions:

  1. The PKM implementation process is through the page (simbelmawa).
  2. The PKM 2021 guidelines can be downloaded on the simbelmawa page. The types of PKM that can be proposed are PKM 5 Fields (PKM-R, PKM-PM, PKM-K, PKM-PI, PKM-KC), PKM-KT (PKM-AI and PKM- GT), and PKM-GFK.
  3. Changes in the name of the scheme in PKM 5 fields from PKM-P to PKM-R, PKM-M to PKM-PM, PKM-T to PKM-PI and changes to the process of proposing proposals and implementing PKM-GFK which previously had incentives to become funding.
  4. Higher education institutions (PT) are required to carry out internal evaluations to meet the quota in the PKM cluster, as evidenced by the minutes of evaluation results and title attachments uploaded to simbelmawa by the operator PT.
  5. The proposal involves 4 (four) user accounts, namely:
    a. PT operator account;
    b. The university leadership account for student affairs created by Belmawa. For PTs that have just been established or have changed their status and/or do not yet have an account, they can apply for a new account via the link or or https:// /;
    c. Assistant lecturer account; and
    d. The student account is created by the system automatically after the PT operator registers a proposal.
  6. A student can join more than 2 (two) proposing teams but can only be involved in 2 (two) funded titles (as chairman and member, or both as members) in all types of PKM. An assistant lecturer can accompany a maximum of 10 (ten) proposals teams submitted in all types of PKM.

Thus we convey, for your attention and good cooperation, we thank you.

Director of Learning and
Student Affairs

Aris Junaidi


PKM 2021 Guideline