Program Learning Outcome


There are 10 program learning outcomes of the agribusiness study program, they are:

PLO-1 Students are able to internalize devotion to God Almighty with respect for the diversity of resources and culture, as well as passion for agriculture Affective
PLO-2 Students are able to show the ability to adapt to environmental changes and advances in the field of agricultural science.   Affective
PLO-3 Students are able to integrate concepts about agricultural production systems, post-harvest and processing industries, work security and safety, data and data configuration (statistics). Psychomotor
PLO-4 Students are able to implement humanistic literacy (ethics, communication, negotiation, leadership, innovation, creativity) in the field of agribusiness. Cognitive
PLO-5 Students are able to analyze theoretical concepts in applied management, applied economics, agricultural development, entrepreneurship, and agribusiness communication. Cognitive
PLO-6 Students are able to develop logical, critical thinking in the field of agribusiness with a scientific approach and scientific ethics. Psychomotor
PLO-7 Students are able to perform a decision-making simulation appropriately and work professionally either independently or in groups in the field of agribusiness. Psychomotor
PLO-8 Students are able to implement scientific concepts in small – large scale (local – global) agricultural businesses with environmental insight. Cognitive
PLO-9 Students are able to formulate designs and development of value-added and environmentally sound business units. Psychomotor
PLO-10 Students are able to integrate their knowledge about agriculture, data, statistics, big data, and information technology in the field of agribusiness Psychomotor