The vision of Agribusiness Study Program

The vision of Agribusiness Study Program is “By the year of 2024, Agribusiness Study Program becomes an eminent study program with international standards in implementing higher education to create agricultural graduates who have knowledge and skills in agribusiness field with independent and adaptive character toward environmental changes”. This vision is referring to the vision by the Faculty of Agriculture and University of Jember which leads to industrial agriculture supportive learning. 

The Mission of Agribusiness Study Program
In order to achieve the vision, Agribusiness Study Program has several missions as follows:
1. Providing education in creating agricultural graduates in the agribusiness field with international standards.
2. Organizing higher education of agribusiness with accountable, professional and quality management
3. Conducting research and developing environmental and industrial agriculture-oriented agribusiness systems.
4. Promoting community services based on agribusiness research.
5. Implementing the research results and services in the academic process based on the industry 4.0 and society 5.0.

Objectives of The Study Program
The objectives of the Agribusiness Study Program are derived from the Visions and Missions of the University, Faculty, and Study Program by considering the input from the stakeholders. The goal of the Agribusiness Study Program is to provide graduates with the competencies as decision makers, active communicators, learners, innovators, and inventors. The following are the detailed purposes of the implementation.
1. To create individuals with high personal integrity, big passion for agriculture, and great awareness of agricultural problems.
2. To create individuals that are aware of changes and developments in agricultural science, insightful, open-minded, and having good virtues toward society, nation, and state.
3. To create individuals who can work and hold down a job in agricultural entrepreneurship (agribusiness practitioners), managers, facilitators, researchers, and agribusiness consultants who are qualified and competitive.

The Program Objectives (PO) is further developed and integrated into the program learning outcomes (PLO).
The POs of Ba Agribusiness are:
1. Demonstrating personal integrity in agribusiness and concern to agribusiness problems;
2. Adapt to changes in agribusiness development;
3. Demonstrating technical skill as agribusiness experts and researchers;
4. Demonstrating the ability to work individually and in a team, ability to manage a team, capable of negotiating a business, and able to solve agribusiness problems through academic and practical approaches.