The Jember University Library began at the end of 1961, or since the Tawang Alun University library was opened. Please note that the University of Jember itself started from a private university called Tawang Alun University, founded on November 4, 1957.
At the beginning of its establishment, the library occupied a room measuring 20 m2 with a collection of 200 copies and was managed by 2 (two) officers. Some of the collections that were owned at that time came from the deposit of several lecturers, gifts from government agencies, private or foreign institutions, and grants.
In 1974 the library occupied a new building measuring 68 m2 located on Jalan Puntadewa north of the PKM (Student Activity Center) with a total collection of 15,000 copies managed by 6 (six) officers. Ten years later, in 1984, the library occupied a new building with an area of ​​200 m2 and has a collection of 29,000 copies, and is managed by 20 officers.
In 1986 UNEJ built a new three-story building whose use was given to the library, this new building stands on a land area of ​​7,448.72 m2. The building used by the UNEJ Library UPT is 3,022 m2, while the rest is used for lecture rooms and administration rooms by the information systems study program.
To improve the quality in a sustainable, relevant, and efficient manner, the Jember University Library requires supporting facilities, especially a well-managed library. The acceleration of increasing the ability of the University of Jember Library has been carried out in the last eight years, especially to meet the needs of the library management process by developing and implementing a library automation system. Through various management and collaboration programs, the University of Jember Library has been awarded as a library that can develop and apply information and technology well. This is evidenced by the acquisition of the grand TPSDP, period 2004-2007, which aims to build management and provide IT facilities.
Exactly on November 6, 2009, the UPT Jember University Library was declared to have met the requirements of the quality management system and was worthy of receiving the ISO 9001:2008 certificate. To obtain this, UNEJ Library UPT must prepare for 1 year by making quality documents and undergoing an internal audit by the UNEJ Quality Assurance Agency (LPM) and an external audit by MALCA-KAN (National Accreditation Committee). The quality management system of the UPT Library of UNEJ is structured in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. As for the scope that is implemented to obtain certification, book processing, and circulation services, these requirements are met by making standard operating procedures equipped with work instructions and the required forms. ISO is not the end goal but a process to achieve goals and achieve standardized service quality goals, the ultimate goal of this activity is to achieve service satisfaction from the user’s point of view.

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