Students’ admission system of Agribusiness Study Program is organized by the University of Jember which aims to solicit prospective students who excel in the field of academic or non- academic, have the skills and good personality to complete the education in UNEJ with the result maximum and success in society and compete in global era.

Students’ admission system in the Agribusiness Study Program of UNEJ is generally divided into five selections, namely: (1) the National Selection for State Universities, (2) Simultaneous Selection for State Universities (SBMPTN) by the Written-Based or Computers-Based, (3) Simultaneous Selection for Besuki Raya Universities (SBMPTBR), and (4) Transfer Program.


1) the National Selection for State Universities

SNMPTN selection is a selection by recruiting new students who choose the undergraduate program through academic and non-academic achievements and the National Examination marks conducted nationally for graduates of SMA/MA/SMK/MAK in the current year. SNMPTN registration is done online by involving schools as initial selectors. On the selection of SNMPTN, the registration fee is borne by the Government and Bidik Misi scholarships are provided for excellent students and economically disadvantaged.

SNMPTN registration is carried out by students after verifying their grades in the School and Student Database (PDSS). Registration is carried out on http://web.ltmpt.ac.id. The procedure of registration on the SNMPTN page is as follows:

  1. Student Applicants, using the NISN and password, given by the principal when verification data at PDSS, then logging into the SNMPTN page http://web.ltmpt.ac.id/siswa to register.
  2. Student Applicants filling out identity form, choosing the state university, and study program, as well as uploading (upload) the latest official photo and additional achievement documents.
  3. Student applicants scored Proof Card of Registration as a sign of evidence in participating SNMPTN.
  4. Health supporting potency to achieve competence of every program studies is taken into consideration principal of the applicants in order to achieve or complete the program of education. 

2) Simultaneous Selection for State Universities (SBMPTN)

Simultaneous Selection for State Universities (SBMPTN) through Computer- Based Examination SBMPTN is held to solicit new qualified students in academically and without distinguishing types of sex, race, religion, tribe, social and economy level, with still obeying the constitutional regulation applied. SBMPTN is executed through Computer-Based Test (UTBK) that were organized by the College Education Selection Test Institute (LTMPT).

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Passed the Education Unit Examination and National Examination for SMA/MA/SMK/MAK/ Package C in the current year and/or graduate in the last two years.
  2. Other requirements are the same as those determined through the SNMPTN route.

Registration Procedures for UTBK SBMPTN

  1. Registration of UTBK SBMPTN by the participants is via the internet online from anywhere with the following address http://pendaftaran-utbk.ltmpt.ac.id.
  2. UTBK SBMPTN registrant


3) Simultaneous Selection for Besuki Raya Universities (SBMPTBR)

SBMPTBR are held to solicit new students for qualified undergraduate S1 and D3 academically and without distinguishing types of sex, race, religion, tribe, social and economy strata, while still obeying the constitutional regulation applied.

The requirements for SBMPTBR participants of S1 and D3 program are as follows:

  1. High school graduate at least three years.
  2. Graduates of Package C for the least three years.
  3. The registration procedure of SBMPTBR participants for S1 program is as follows.

SBMPTBR registration for S1 and D3 program done by the participants on-line through pages https://sister.unej.ac.id

The rules of SBMPTBR registration for S1 program can be downloaded at University of Jember website with pages http://www.unej.ac.id


4) Transfer Program

UNEJ provides the opportunity for D3 graduates to pursue their studies to S1 Program through the transfer route. The type of switching can only be done for the appropriate study program. This is especially held for Faculties who have Diploma III Programs.

Requirements for transfer program registrants are as follows.

  1. Participants submit an application letter to the Rector of UNEJ for the chosen major (the form is provided by the committee).
  2. Participants submit a photocopy of the diploma and academic transcript of the D3 program which is legalized by the origin university, one sheet each.
  3. For graduates of Private University should include Accreditation proof of PTS by the Accreditation minimum B (based accreditation which is issued by BAN-PT), specifically for Study Program Public Health and Nursing Science minimal accredited.
  4. For those who are already working, the application must be approved by the head of the agency/institution where they work and stamped.
  5. Participants submit three pieces of photograph size 4×6.
  6. Index Performance Cumulative specifically for Nursing Science Study Program, Cumulative Achievement Indexes.
  7. The application is submitted to the Education and Cooperation Section of the UNEJ Head Office.


5) Foreign Student Admission

Since the academic year 2010/2011, UNEJ already provides an opportunity for the citizens of the foreign country to continue the studies at S1 (undergraduate) in UNEJ. Conditions and procedures for how the foreign students admission can be in access via the website http://international.unej.ac.id/.


the National Selection for State Universities Guideline

Simultaneous Selection for State Universities (SBMPTN) Guideline 

Simultaneous Selection for Besuki Raya Universities (SBMPTBR) Guideline 

Transfer Program Guideline