Quality Improvement of Agribusiness Program toward International Standard 

The Agribusiness Study Program (Ba-Agri) was established since 1976 as one of eight Departments in Faculty of Agriculture, University of Jember. The main focus of the program is agri-food system business and management. The program has excellent achievement in national level “A” by minister of Education, Culture, Research Accreditation Board. In a way to improve the education quality, since 2018 the program has been implemented Outcome Based Education (OBE) which supported by academic and education staffs. By the OBE the education system imposed the teaching process based on the addressed outcome. The graduated profile of the program are the graduate profile has personal integrity on agribusiness, agile learner, has technical skill on agribusiness field, able to (work individually, work on team, capable on negotiating, solve agribusiness problem).

The program concern on agri-food system business and management which university vision, which is excellent in the development of science, technology and environmentally-based arts, business, and industrial agriculture. The program has strong commitment to improve quality in teaching, research and society empowerment.  Regularly, the program conducts evaluation of program (lecture) achievement every semester. Besides, the program also conducts curriculum evaluation annually for the minor evaluation, and every five years for major evaluation.

The program is pursuing an international standard on education, by applying to ASIIN Agency which concern on accreditation for Study Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics.  The agency is supported by alliance of university, professional associations, faculty associations, technical and scientific societies which have concern on higher education. The international standard is important for the program to keep and improve the quality  of higher education.