AgriEcon Research Group

General description

The Agriculture Economics And Agribusiness Research Group is a research group within the agribusiness study program, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Jember.

This research group has been initiated since 2016 with joint research activities, although at that time, it had not been accommodated in a kris Agriecon Research Grou.

Agriecon RG was formalized in early 2018.

It is hoped that this research group will be able to contribute ideas for the development of agricultural and agribusiness economics, at least in the following aspects:

  1. First, contribute to the enrichment of the study and development of agricultural economics and the deepening of agribusiness, which will enrich the tridharma of higher education.
  2. Second, providing input for policymakers in the framework of achieving competitiveness, food sovereignty, and improving the welfare of farmers and all stakeholders.

AgriEcon Research Group Profile can be downloaded at the following link AGRIECON PROFILE

AgriEcon Research Group profile video can be downloaded at the following link PROFILE VIDEO OF AGRIECON